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spreading compassion

We are a power couple on a mission to spread joy and help build communities by supporting the causes we believe in. We handcraft our products with love and care for you and your loved ones. The most fulfilling part is giving back through community service and donating a portion of our profits to organizations in need.

We know you will love our unique products, and we can't thank you enough for supporting our dream.Your contribution breathes life into our mission of giving back!

With love,
Ashley & Jacob
Owners, Fire & Gold

our story

Our journey began as two ambitious art majors in college. As art students, we loved creating both physical and digital artwork. Our love to build and make things with our hands connected us, and our entrepreneurial spirits were inseparable. We knew that being creative makers was what we both wanted to do for the rest of our lives. And now, we get to do it together.

Today, we each work as professional graphic designers at our day job. Once we get home from a long day of staring at our computer screens, we like to unplug and express our creativity in a more traditional, natural, and usually messy way… by creating products that take your breath away and serve as perfect handmade items for yourself or to gift to your loved ones.

meet the founders


Compassionate, hard-working, and a forward thinker.

Creating, music, dancing, singing at the top of her lungs no matter how good or, most of the time, bad it sounds, and of course, spending time with her loved ones.

Unnecessary negativity, silence, onions, and lack of effort.


Thoughtful, inventive, and very ambitious.

Any type of food with BBQ sauce, 3D printing gifts for his friends and family, really loud music when he works out, and doing anything creative.

When Ashley sings too loud, pickles, not getting his social battery recharge

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